Strange Sights, Strange Times

The array of lights was spectacular, eerie, unnatural. It floated silently across the night sky in front of us, and then disappeared, or burned itself out somewhere north of state route 64 in northern Oklahoma. We were traveling west, approaching the town of Buffalo, when it appeared to our left. "Look, look! look up!" The others were asleep in the car. We had been on the road two days, from New York City, via West Virginia, on our way to San Francisco. This sight will remain with us, highlighting, as it were, all the others we have been gathering along the way.

It was as if a vast, shimmering curtain of changing hues was being pulled along by a single point of light, accompanied by other trails of light, all moving slowly across the sky together. The curtain seemed to shape-shift, (not unlike the ghostly display of Northern Lights), emanating different colors and sparks. We can recall reds and yellows, violet and blue. The sight seemed to be right out of a modern-day, computer-imaged, sci-fi thriller. Richard Battles, the attendant at the service station we stopped at in Buffalo--to inquire, to assure ourselves that we were surely not the only ones up at this hour of the morning who saw it--said that others were reporting to have seen it. "Thank heavens, we weren't hallucinating." Some thought it was a meteor shower (of some different kind), others said it must have been some satellite or other space debris breaking up. The crowd of men gathered at the little store we stopped at later, just south of Springer, New Mexico, said that it was being reported to have been a Russian object of some kind falling back to earth.

Whatever it turns out to have been, it has added to the other recent phenomena that are heightening our awareness of the times that we ourselves are passing through. The collapse of the Towers was a wholly surreal event, (a Theophany), and the natural meteor shower that fell across the northern night sky a month ago added to it. It all seems in some way to be asking, or prompting us to pay close attention to all of the signs that are attending us. War is definitely a sign from God. And there is always the idea of Satan himself being thrown down from his presently exalted place in the heaven of human events. Everything from heaven is Manna, that is, Food for Thought.