The King, the Land, and the People


For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the Way of the Lord, MAKE HIS PATHS STRAIGHT.

And now also the axe is laid to the root of the Trees: therefore every Tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire...(Matthew 3:3, 10; Isaiah 40:3).


And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;

As it is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare the Way of the Lord, MAKE HIS PATHS STRAIGHT.

Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and THE CROOKED SHALL BE MADE STRAIGHT, and the rough ways shall be made smooth.

And all flesh shall see the Salvation of God...(Luke 3:3-6).


The Straight Path...Hebrews 12:13,14.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness.

Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the sides of the north, THE CITY OF THE GREAT KING...(Psalm 48:1,2).

"The original form of human spiritual expression was animism, in which nature was seen as sacred itself. This took various forms. There was a sense of the sacred in the land as a whole: the earth was alive. Topography could be anthropomorphised--here were hills that looked like breasts of the Earth Mother, there a rocky cragg that looked like the face of a god. The landscape became the stage for legendary events and beings, the creatures of mythic times. In a slightly more focused form of animism, selected places such as hilltops, rocks, trees, waterfalls, and so on were seen as being inhabited by spirits--hence the idea of 'spirit of place,' 'genius loci.'

Out of the universal magico-spiritual background of animism and totemism emerged the catalytic religious phenomenon of Shamanism. (Please discover those studies that trace the Hebrew order of prophets and priests from an earlier order of Shamanism)...The shaman was an intermediary between the spirit world of nature and the tribe. Through what Mircea Eliade called 'archaic techniques of ecstasy'...the shaman would enter trance or altered states of consciousness, and travel to the spirit world in order to seek information required by the tribe. The shaman could see back in time and was the repository of tribal history. He or she could even see ahead in time and predict coming events...An important element in Shamanism, as we shall discover, was the ability to travel in mind through (or above) the environment and observe distant events.

The basic shamanic cosmology consisted of Three worlds, the Middle Earth of human reality, the Upper world of spiritual beings, and the hellish Underworld. Access to these otherworlds was by means of a conceptual Axis that linked them: a World-Tree, a Cosmic Mountain...By symbolically travelling along this axis, in whatever form, the shaman could ascend to heaven or enter deeply into the body of the Earth, the Underworld.

In some cases where shamanism was performed by a single individual (or where two individuals were called together as was Adam), the role of the priest was born. The shaman was characterized by trance while the priest conducted routine propitiatory acts of adoration, prayer, and offerings...with a gradual shift from hut to temple...In societies which became more structured and hierarchal, theocracies appeared: Religious rule, in which priesthood and government were combined. In certain instances this evolved into the idea of the chief being divine, and celestial lineage was claimed: the Divine King...

Let us realize here that the true, higher order of Hebrew priests (the shaman-prophets and prophetesses who appeared over time along that line on the Tree of Life which led from Aaron to John the Baptist, to the Remnant in our time), never aligned itself with any worldly, or earth-born governments (not with Pharaoh or Caesar), nor with any even theocratic attempts to create a (mere) image of the spiritual-order-above in the temporal-order-below, as the mind of Israel was constantly inclined to in ancient times, and as Christianity has since the time of Christ. These priests and prophets have always been adversaries of such systems--and witnesses against the ongoing adulterous relationships that existed in every generation between the (worldly) priests and ministers of the precepts of the Universal Israel and the other nations of the earth. Such relationships are characterized everywhere in the scriptures as the Worship of Ba'al. (see 1 Kings 18: 19-36; James, chapter 4). These priests, called of the Spirit and not of men (see Hebrews 5:1-4) have served no governments, nor have they offered praises or obeisance to any earthly kings (or presidents), save the KING ABOVE.

What I shall be developing in the second part of this book is the suggestion that the motif of the ceremonial, Straight landscape-line originated in one of the central elements of shamanic experience, and the range of surviving linear features in ancient sacred landscapes itself reflects this kind of evolution...

An Indo-European clue...Without doubt shamanic elements were found in Indo-European mythological texts...Eliade noted that vestiges of shamanic tradition in Indo-European religious life were principally grouped about the mythical figure of the terrifying Sovereign. (Understand Psalm 48:1,2; 2 Corinthians 5:11; Hebrews 10:31)...According to G. Dumezil's findings, the priestly class embraced the function of sovereignty, combining both legal order and magico-religious roles...This functional ambiguity of sovereignty relates to the kingship-shamanism complex, and brings us to a crucial word that existed in the proto-Indo-European language: 'Reg--,' (King). This ancient linguistic treasure brings the concept of Straight Lines into that complex, and brings us to the central core of our inquiry...

(It also brings us, as we have already noted, to the words of Isaiah, and John the Baptist after him: Make Straight the Way of the Lord; and the words in Hebrews, saying: Make a Straight path for your Feet):

The apex of proto-Indo-European society...was ruled by a king whose title has usually been secured by the textbook series: Sanskrit RAI; Latin REX; Gaulis RIX, Old Irish RI; and possibly Thracian RHEOS. This proto-Indo-European REG also provides such meanings as Stretch, draw out in STRAIGHT LINES, and Straighten. (see Luke 12:50). Our English word "Right' is a reflex of this root, and the same opposition which we employ between what is 'straight' or 'right' and what is bent or crooked, dishonest or wrong, is encountered throughout the Indo-European languages...

Jan Gonda and Emile Benveniste sought in the basic etymology of the word a hint of the original function of the word REG-. Gonda suggested that the word meant 'ONE WHO STRETCHES OR REACHES OUT,' a metaphor for the formal activities of a king...Benveniste proposed that there might have been more overtly priestly functions associated with the proto-Indo-European king in that the root meaning of 'stretching out' or 'straigtening' might be associated with duties such as laying out limits, be they demarcations of sacred territory within a settlement...or the borders of national territories.

Jim Kimmis was the first to bring ley hunters' attention to Reg-. He pointed out in The Ley Hunter that the physical, spatial, linear associations of the word were extended in an abstract sense to become an analogue of honesty, justice, government, and social order (see Isaiah 9:6,7)...Between the physical and abstract senses of this complex word stands a small group of cognates which signify RULER or KING."


The Eucharist is Jesus, for he is called in Syriac, Parisatha, which is, THE ONE WHO IS SPREAD OUT, for Jesus came crucifying the world...(The Gospel of Phillip; Acts 4:10-12).




LATIN...'Regula' (a straight piece of wood; a measuring bar); 'regio' or 'region' (a straight line, a boundry, a frontier); 'regere' (to guide straight). The past participle of 'regere' is 'rectus' which gives the 'rect' element in some words of several languages. In Latin we have for instance 'rectum' (the straight part of the great intestine) and 'rectitudo' (straigtness, both spacially and figuratively).

FRENCH...'Regle' (ruler, straight edge); 'reglage' (setting, adjusting lines); 'droit' (straight line; right-directional). This word may seem unconnected with 'reg-', but the key element is 'roi,' which is dealt with below under Kingship...

GERMAN...'Rechteck' (rectangle, right angle); 'recht' (right-directional).

ENGLISH...'Right' (directional); region; direction; erect.


LATIN...'Rex' (king); 'Regina' (queen); 'regulus' (kinglet, prince). The feminine of this, 'regula' means 'a straight piece of wood,' emphasising the conceptual link between kingship and spacial linearity.

FRENCH...'Roi (king): this derives from the Latin 'regem,' the accusative case of 'rex,' via Old French 'rei.'

SPANISH...'Real' (royal).

GERMAN...'Reich' (empire); derives from the Middle High German 'riche,' Old High German 'rihhi,' (realm) which itself came from the Old Celtic 'rig' (king).

ENGLISH...'Regal; regalia; regency; regicide; reign; sovereignty; inter-regnum; royal' (deriving from Old Medieval French 'roial,'...which gives the English 'royalty).

SANSKRIT...'Raj' (rule, reign); 'raja' (king, prince); 'rani' (queen, princess).


LATIN...'Regnum' (Power exercised by a King; his Kingdom); 'regentia' (office of ruler); 'regimen' (governance).

FRENCH...'Droit' (right, not wrong; fair, just); 'droits' (duty, customs, rights); 'dressage' (training, by way of the Latin 'directus,' and the French 'dresser'--to direct).

GERMAN...'Regel' (rule, regulation); 'regelrecht' (proper); 'regeln' (regulate, control).

ENGLISH...'Regime, regiment, regular, regulation, right (not wrong); rights' (moral, legal, human); righteousness; direction (an order); correct; rectitude; rectify.'"

The foregoing work is from Shamanism and the Mystery Lines, The Indo-European Concept of Kingship, the Land, and the People, by Paul Devereux, and Dawn Behind the Dawn, A Search For the Earthly Paradise, by Geoffrey Ashe.

The question to be asked, of course, is what have these Indo-European terms to do with the Mystery of Christ and the Semitic state of mind, and the (supposedly) Semitic language in which the Hebrew Scriptures were written? And the point to be expressed, as we have been throughout this work, is that the Hebrew mysteries, which have their root in the ancient Atlantean period of history (from the time of Adam to Noah), were originally disemminated into the world through the wanderings, and in the oral traditions of Indo-European culture. History has recorded their appearances in the East, as far as India, as well as in Egypt even before the First Dynastic period. It was the adepts in these ancient mysteries that brought the name "Egypt" to Egypt, from the West, as well as the name "Ethiopia" to Ethiopia...

Indeed, it was these that brought the very dimensions of the Universal Pyramid--the central structure of the Oracle, of the Universal World Tree--to Egypt to begin with, to be built there as a monument in stone and as an "eternal" witness to those things that were hidden Above and as far away as the Western ends of the Earth. (We will return to this subject in a moment)...

"In more than one passage in this book I have alluded to the Druid cult with the institution which has come to be known to students of tradition, as the Divine Kingship. I now desire to stress the connection, to establish it beyond doubt. It is the association of the Divine Kingship with Druidism which provides the best proof for the existence of the latter cultus in some Celtic lands...It is, of course, perfectly clear from the evidence that the idea of the Divine Kingship had associations with primitive religious cults other than Druidism; but the nature of the idea underlying all of these was, it is clear, homogenous. All of them, without exception, were cults of fertility in which (the harvest) was regarded as a magical process which emanated from the Divine King, and which was due to the indwelling vitality of the Monarch.

Hocart claimed that 'the earliest known religion is a belief in the divinity of kings,' the earthly representative of the gods...that this was certainly the case in Egypt and Sumeria has been proved without question, and the same holds good of early Greece, while the kings of Rome were also recognnized as of divine descent.

In Egypt kings were regarded as not only the sons of the Sun-god Ra...but as being actually that deity in his earthly form. Perry believes that this doctrine was established about the year 2750 B.C., (long before the time of Abraham) when the Dynasty associated with Heliopolis and its Solar religion gained the throne of Egypt...

The belief that kings possess magical or supernatural powers by virtue of which they can fertilize the earth and confer other benefits on their subjects would seem to have been shared by the ancestors of all the Aryan races from India to Ireland...'In Ireland,' says Rhys, 'druidism and kingship went hand in hand, nor is it improbable that it was the same in Gaul (or in the hidden center of Europe in the time of D.V.D.).' After the fall of the royal power in ancient Rome, it was found necessary to appoint a 'king of sacrifices,' that is, a priest who had to perform certain religious rites connected with the name of a king. The priest of the Golden Bough was also known as 'Rex Nemorensis.' 'King of the Forest,'...

Now, as we have seen, it was believed that Tree-spirits made the crops to flourish. These Tree-spirits became gods such as the Greek Zeus and the Roman Jupiter, originally gods of the Oak...Irish kings did likewise...(the monarchy was connected with a cult of royal, or famous ancestral spirits identified with the god-race of the Tuath De' Danaan (the peoples or the tribes of Dan) who were from time to time reborn as kings. Some of these were Solar gods, indeed the entire race of the Tuath De' Danaan appears to have had a Solar connection, so that the position (of kingship) in Ireland reveals a similarity to that in ancient Egypt). The king's life appears to have been connected with a certain Tree, perhaps that species of Tree in which the spirit of the ancestors was supposed to dwell, who, at the due season of his reincarnation, left his place and entered his mother's body, to be born again as a man." Druids, Their Origin and History, by Lewis Spence, pp.130-35.


"In his active manifestations the Godhead appears as the dynamic Unity of the Sefiroth, portrayed as the Tree of the Sefiroth, or the mystical Human Form, who is none other than the concealed shape of the Godhead itself...These were originally the Ten primal numbers in which all reality is rooted--an idea expounded in the Hebrew text roughly contemporary with the ancient idea of Shi'ur Komah (the measure, or the Height of the Godhead) and heavily influenced by Pythagoreanism... However, the medieval kabbalists changed its meaning when they adopted the term 'Sefiroth.' For them the Sefiroth are the potencies constituting the active Godhead, and through which it acquires its 'Face.' The hidden Face of God, is the aspect of Divine Life turned toward us, which, despite its concealment, seeks to take on shape." The Mystical Shape of the Godhead, Gershom Scholem, p.39.

When these earliest of adepts (these "Druids" and "Chaldeans," these "Rishis") appeared in a land, and especially among a people of another language, they immediately--as true evangelists do--adopted the social customs of the people, and learned their languages (if they were not already trained in it before they arrived). They became one with the people in almost every way so that they might in turn pursuade the people to become one with them, or rather with the higher realities, or higher revelations that they represented. In every day matters they spoke the common tongue. To some who became students they taught the language system of their own native land from which they came, and to others who showed themselves as worthy candidates they even passed along the core of the Mysteries themselves. In this way, aside from commerce and technology (the other great engine of cultural diffusion--the method ultimately assigned to the sons of Darkness) the religious traditions of both peoples were melded, and passed from one to the other. And in the process a Fellowship and a certain order of priests (Levites) was that would form the eventual structure of the Judeao-Christian Religion as it was organized under Moses and Aaron...

Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:

AND YE SHALL BE UNTO ME A KINGDOM OF PRIESTS, and an holy nation. These are the words that thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel...(Exodus 19:5,6).

And he hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be the glory and dominion for ever and ever...(Revelation 1:6).

But because the Higher mysteries were being intentionally guarded, when these adepts spoke to those outside their fellowship they did so in allegorical and metaphorical terms, and not in direct ways. They spoke about principles instead of specifics, which are applicable to every people everywhere, and about the structure of reality (of heaven and earth, without directly revealing the exact location of that hidden place above, or in the Middle as it were...see Hebrews 9:5)...

For God is my King of Old, working salvation in the Midst (the Middle) of the Earth.

Thou didst divide the Sea by thy strength: thou breakest the Heads of the Dragons in the waters.

Thou breakest the heads of Leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness...(Psalm 74:12-14).

But neither were these things absolutely and completely concealed, for they form the universal core and the very esoteric basis of the entire World Religious System, and were, in the process, being built into the structure of every peoples' beliefs and practices, all of which (for both good and evil), provided the later framework and the meaning of Christianity. And neither was the fact that the Hebrew traditions were translated out of the proto-European language into the languages of the East completely concealed either. Despite the fact that it was done "by night" as it were, and in accordance with the earliest methods of Kabbalistic literary construction (Gematria, Notariqon, Temura, and Atbash), concealing the etymological source of it all, many of the root words filtered through...

Conor MacDari, a somewhat pugnacious Irish scholar, with the same fiery zeal for his own purely Irish theory as we discover in certain Jewish and Afro-centrists, in a work entitled Irish Wisdom Preserved in Bible and Pyramids, says:

"The Irish brought religion and civilization to Egypt and that religion was Sun Worship. The word "Jew" is derived from an idiomatic Irish word Iudh (Yudh), meaning the day or light. It alludes to the Priests of the Sun (the Mystery of Christ...Malachi 4), and followers of the light, those who had wisdom. The word 'Iudh' is camouflaged when it is converted into English by using the letter J instead of I to begin the word, there being no J in the Irish alphabet...There are other idiomatic names in the Irish language for 'Jew' and 'Hebrew' which give unmistakable proof that they are soley and truly of Irish origin. One of these names for Jew is 'Iuil' (pronounced Yul). It expresses the attributes of the Sun when it is at His highest power and dignity, and is the name for the month Iuil (July)...

A recent writer in the public press made the statement that 'the Irish language was spoken in the Garden of Eden,' thereby implying that it was the God-given and original language of 'Adam' and 'Eve' and of the first patriarchs (Biblical Characters), and of the Master Adepts who wrote the first scriptures and formulated the mythical legend of our first parents, placing them in the garden...There is no doubt as to whom we are indebted for the Bible. It is the plainest and most evident truth, stripped of the disguise under which it had so long a time been hidden by British and Roman churchmen. Any scholar and thinker cannot fail to recognize it, and many will blush to think that they did not see through it before." pp 146-48.

And then MacDari went on to dilineate a list of words that are still the same, or nearly the same, in Gaelic (a branch of the proto-European language, as is Sanskrit) and Hebrew:

IRISH, Ab...TRANSLATION, lord, master, abbot, father...HEBREW, Ab.

Abail...death...Abad; Abu...war cry, death, sinking...Aboi, Abaoi; Amna, Amhna...faithful, loyal...Amunim; Aoir...a curse...Arur; Asaire...a shoemaker...Asar; Babun, inclosure for cows, a town...Bachon; Badaim, drown, die, perish...Abad; Baiste...showering, sprinkling, basting...Bastek; Balb, Balbh...dumb, mute, inarticulate in utterance...Balaim; Ban...woman, truth, light, white...Bahin; Baogal, Baoghal...(pronounced Bahal) peril, danger...Bahal; Baos...fornication, caprice, whim, frenzy, folly, wickedness...Baash; Baot, Baoth...weak, soft, simple, frightened, terrified...Baath; Bar...son...Bar; Bar...learned man, scientific man, the sea, bread, food, a chief, the hair of the head...Barah; Bas...death...Bus. put to death...Bus; stop or stay, check, drown, oppress, trample...Bus; Bat, Bata...a stick, staff, pole, branch...Bad; Bath, Both...hut, tent, house...Beth; Bath, Bathadh...(t and d silent) destruction...Bahah; Beice...clamorous weeping...Bechi, Beche, Bechith; Biag,; Bile...a mouth, lip, border, a welt, a large tree, a cluster of trees...Bul; Biorac,; Biseac, Biseach...prosperity, increase, profit, gain...Bizza, Baz; Boc, Phic...he-goat, deceit, fraud...Phuch, Phich; Bocd, Bochd...poor, needy, miserable, distressed, lean, meager...Boka; Bogadach...gesture, rocking, unstable...Bagheda; Bruighean...palace, royal, residence...Birah; Buacais...wick of a candle, confusion...Buch.

Calliac, Cailliach...old woman...Calach; Caite...winnowed, a bruise, wound...Cathe; Calbh...hardness, bald...Chalak; Cam...quarrel, deceit, injustice, crooked...Camak; Caoin...gentle, mild, kind, clement...Chen; Caorig, Cro...sheepfold...Ceroth; Caoradh...furnace, sheep...Cur; Carrach...scabbed, mangy...Karrach; Cas...plague, money, fear, anxiety, difficulty, sudden...Chush; Casog...coat, garment, cassock, cloak...Casa, Cisa; Catair, Cathair ...(pronounced Cahir) city, ward, cathedral...Kariah; Cathal...valor...Cail; element, beginning...Cadish; Ceal...covering, concealing, heaven, forgetfulness...Coli; Ceile...spouse, husband or wife, companion, associate...Calla; Ceim...step, degree, elevation, dignity...Cum; Ci, Cia...who, what, how...Ci; Ciocras...hunger, greediness, longing, covetousness...Chiceo;;, frolic, prank, craft, dexterity...Cheles; Clumh...feather, down, plume, fur, hair...Chloim; Collaim...I sleep...Cholem; Creapadh...contraction...Charp; Crios...belt, girdle, band, the Sun...Cheres; Curudh...banquet...Cora.; Daid...father...Dod; Dirig, direct...Derech; Dibeadh...daubing, slandering...Dibba; Dob...plaster, gutter, mire...Dob; Dub, Dubh...great, prodigious, black, burned...Dobhe; Dubhachas...sadness, sorrow...Dove (or Dobh); Duille...leaf of a tree or book, fold, sheath, scabbord...(A)leh;

Eis...a man...Aish; Epeac, Epeach...strong, vehement...Aphic; Er...great, noble, good...Ereel; Esdor...halter...Ezor; Faosadh...collecting...Pasadh; Gadaide, Gadaidhe...thief...Gadud; Gail...smoke, vapor, fume, steam, slaughter, valor, virtue...Chail; Gamal...fool, stupid person...Gamal; Garb, Garbh...scab, warfare, courage...Garab; Gas...bunch, stalk, stem or bough, young boy, military servant, anger, indignation...Geze; Ger...ruminating...Gerah; Gle...rejoicing, pure, clean, open, plain, discovered, good, perfect, enough, sufficiency...Gul; Gob...mouth, beak, snout...Gab; Grib...dirt, slough...Regeb;

Iall...shoe...Naal; Iall...flock, herd, drove, latchet, thong...Naal; Iarsma...relic, remnant...Iaresh; Iomaire...a ridge...Amir; Lamhach...(pronounced Lamah) having hands, active, playing with, shooting, slugging, casting...Lamah;, society, sect...Sanhedrim; Sam, Samh...pleasant, still, calm, tranquil...Samah; Sac...sack, bag...Sak;, existence...Seet; Scian...knife...Sakin; Sciobol...barn, granary...Schibol; Se...he, it, him...Se; Sean...ancestor, old, ancient...Iashan; Seisir, Seisreach...six persons or things, a plow of six horses...Asar, Eisir; Sion...phenomenon, brightness, heaven...Zion;

Suibhal...going, moving, walking...Shubh; Suiblach...a traveler...Shebhila; So...this, this here, this is...So; Sochar...gain, profit, prosperity...Sacar; Sopog...wisp of straw or hay...Sapach; Suan...sleep, deep sleep...Shena; Tacar...plenty, gleaning, provision...Dagar; Tula...hill, hillock...Tel; Tumba...tomb, grave...Dum; Ur...fresh, new earth, the Sun, a man, a heath...Ur. (And, of course, Tara, where the ancient Irish kings resided, and Torah, the Law).

MacDari--not realizing the fullest extent of the things being concealed, and the ancient manner in which they were being both concealed and transmitted at the same time, and because his Irish contention was with the violent and oppressive measures of the Roman and English churches--unknowingly blames these churches for the deception. He could not realize, of course, how these great worldly institutions (these giants), were the object of a greater deception themselves, one perpetrated from above, against all the powers and the principalities of Darkness, both political and religious, that grew up in time to rule the present age.

And now, behold, I know that ye all, among whom I have gone preaching the kingdom of God, shall see my face no more.

Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of ALL MEN. (And especially the blood of my enemies).

For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.

Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over which the Holy Ghost (the Invisible Overshadowing Mystery) hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood (the blood of every righteous soul).

For I know this, that after my departing shall Grevious Wolves (an allusion to the powers of Rome) enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

Therefore watch and remember, that by the space of Three years I have ceased not to warn every one Night and Day with tears.

And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified.

I have coveted no man's silver, or gold, OR APPAREL. (Which means that Paul did not covet the robes and garments of the Roman order, nor of the Hebrew-Jewish-Druid priests of Central Europe, as the Roman church did after its joint conquest of that land with the Roman emperors after the time of Constantine, nor did he covet the wealth of these other nations and peoples as the World church did in its path to power in Western history)...(Acts 20:22-33).


For the Mystery of Iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way...

And for this cause God (has sent) them strong delusion, that they should believe (their own lies).

That they might be damned (but rather hopefully in the end transformed, and redeemed) who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness...(2 Thessalonians 2:7-12).

MacDari says:

"The ancient Irish (Celtic) priesthood of Iesa (Hesus), (Jethro and the priests of MIDian and the Levites of the Old Testament), had not only a secret system of writing (even long before the time of Moses)...but they had also special dialects formulated from the (proto-European) language, each being a perfect language in itself, such as for Law, Music, etc. One of these dialects was our so-called Hebrew language which was reserved exclusively for the use of priests. It was used for ritualistic purposes and to secretly preserve their spiritual ideals...

It was made use of by the Roman Church after its suppression of the Irish Church (true). (And then he says), From this list of words it can be seen that the 'Hebrew' words are just altered and changed enough from the original to deceive the unsuspecting among the Irish laity, who by chance might happen to have access to it. But to the non-Irish of a later day, or people of other races, it could easily be made to appear as an original language developed by a distinctly different race of people said to be called Hebrew.

So, by means of surpressing the cultural Irish language it was easy for Rome, with the aid of her British confederates, to easily enough palm off to the world the 'Hebrew' Bible. It was translated into Greek (MacDari says) in accordance with a plan of concealment and for the purpose of staging the drama of the Bible Story and episodes over in Palestine." pp. 146-158.

...and while justified in his zeal to shine a light on the Roman and English Churches, and on their historic misdeeds, their glaring perversion of the precepts of Christ, their unholy "arrangement" with the prelates of the Western world, their arrogance and pride, their pomposity, their violence against man and nature, and their (present) ignorance of matters divine, he has not allowed for the fact that the Law and the Prophets (as they were being preserved by the "Jewish" priests of Central Europe) had already been translated out of this secret, ritual language into Greek two centuries before the time of Christ when he blames the Roman church for it. Like so many other scholars and religious, he treats (or forgets) God as if They were absentees from the world that They themselves are creating, or as if They were at best impotent onlookers. He affords God no active role. He sees conspiracies everywhere but fails to account for the greatest conspiracy of all--the Conspiracy, as we have already said, of God (the very Master of the Universe--the very Mind and Soul of the Universe Itself) against the rule of Darkness that has come to power here at this fulness of time and at these ends of the earth.

As for the mysteries of Egypt--this ancient union of Indo-European and African thought (which also exists in a strained state of fruition here in America in these last days)--they are the subject of two letters addressed to Kadijah Ali and Arthur Hawkins which shall be presented in a following chapter. In them we see, as a direct result of the very graphic and soul-stirring 400-year experience of Blacks in America, how the biblical account of the holy Nation's sojourn and captivity in that Egypt over there--in the East--was an historic and prophetic reflection of the spiritual Nation's sojourn and captivity in this Egypt over here--in the West, in America. (Without the Black experience in America there would be no spiritual awakening in our time, not among Blacks or Whites...Genesis 15:12-16; Deuteronomy 28:68). But we also learn to see how both are images of the greater Mystery of Egypt Above which overshadows the entire history of the Western World...


A Journey With the White Lions Into the Heart of Human Evolution

In 1960 Vasamazulu Credo Mutwa broke the "Oath of Silence" that had bound him and other high shamans to a secret oral tradition. Mutwa understands that we live in prophetic times, when it is imperitive to transmit knowledge to humanity at large. In speaking of secrets intended only for the highest shamanic initiates, it is believed that he has brought a curse upon himself, his children and his children's children...Personally I have...come to regard Mutwa's delivery of this oral tradition as an act of unparalleled courage--worthy of the highest-ranking lion shaman I know him to be...

There could be no clearer indication that this is not localised knowledge but that it signals a system of enlightenment which crosses continents and centuries: what Mutwa himself calls "the Great Knowledge." This African shaman's understanding of the lost language of the ancients (Ogham) corresponds with the inscriptions deciphered on Easter Island; his African stories of "white Gods" have bearing on the "white God" of the Meso-Americans; his knowledge of the stars in the African skies takes us right back to the Ancient Egyptians. While Mutwa has dedicated his life to handing over secrets from the Great African Tradition, it remains for us to make the astonishing intercontinental connections.

Mutwa has lived under condemnation ever since he broke the secret code, and delivered hidden knowledge to the common man. Is his drive to reveal the truth so difficult to understand? The Bible talks of "knowledge" in the same breath as "forbidden fruits." Why are we afraid of knowing the truth? Why has it been imprinted upon our collective consciousness that knowledge is sinful, and why do we fear the consequences of knowing? The first lesson of Lion shamanism is to conquer fear. Fear is conquered through the principles of love, truth and enlightenment. Himself a living embodiment of these founding principles of Lion shamanism, Mutwa has been prepared to endure the great personal cost of his courageous action. If it is true that we are living at a crucial evolutionary watershed for humankind, it is imperitive that we open the routes to knowledge which may have a critical part to play in our evolutionary development. (pp.14,15)...

In was Maria, the lion-shaman woman of Timbavati, who directed the author to Credo Mutwa. It was she who first opened the author's mind to the Lion-king mysteries of the African plains:

At my expression, Maria's expression lightened with humor, and she remarked that Timbavati means "the river that never runs dry." This seemed a curious name for a region made up entirely of empty watercourses and arid sodic deposits. She says it means "river of stars," the interpreter continued.

It seemed (to me) she was referring to the Milky Way which, come to think of it, never did run dry in the manner of the Timbavati watercourses. "She says it is the same river where the White Lions come from." Now she had lost me. The fire was shining in Maria's cloudy eye. She was looking straight at me. so that I felt the force of her communication but could not identify it. "Ask Maria to explain further," I instructed the interpreter...

After listening to my translated words, Maria made a curt, sweeping gesture to the sky above us..."Maria says that her ancestors have told her that a long time ago, when the river was in the sky (above) many people died. When the river is in this position again, the same will befall human beings." This was not very intelligible (the author said to herself at the time), although it had an ominous end-of-the-world ring about it....

Above us, the clarity of the night was spangled with what looked like a watercourse of droplets: the Milky Way, eternal "river" arching above Timbavati's dry plains, which gave rise to the mysterious legends of White Lions. (Please consider Genesis 49:8-10). Out here, under the brilliance of the night sky, I began to put humanity's trivial pursuits in cosmological perspective. pp.33.34...

"The White Lions of Timbavati, Credo. I need to know about them. Maria tells me you are the one person alive who knows the story of their origins." "That is not true, ma'am. There are many in our ranks who know the story, but are sworn to secrecy. It is only I who have been bold enough to speak of such things...

Maria had also revealed that Mutwa was the custodian of some of the holiest artifacts of the African continent. Over the course of future encounters, Mutwa would show me over fifty items in his possession--great pieces of copper, bronze, verdite and crystal, some once belonging to the mightiest of kings, some inscribed with cryptic symbols, many dating from a time when, Credo Mutwa says, an ancient seafaring civilisation, neither of African birth nor of African race, came to African shores...

"It was my grandfather, ma'am, who was the only person capable of curing me when I was struck down by an incurable sickness which had kept me bedridden and unconscious for three years right here in Soweto. It was during this time that I had many terrifying visions, ma'am, some of which we sangomas call the "sacred dreams" that occur before you become a sangoma. I had the vision of the earth stretched out like a lion-skin pegged at all four corners--north, south, east and west--with the four lion brothers tearing at it in four directions. WE call this dream :the Sacred Dream of End Time"...Nedelo Ntulo." In our tradition we believe...that the universe is sustained by Four great forces and in the center is the Fifth power, Nxaka-Nxaka, meaning "confusion" or "chaos." From this power comes order and from order again comes chaos--and so on for all eternity...

"There is a Stone ornament made out of a round stone with Four holes and one hole in the Center, which resembles a big button...which our sanusis use in their sacred rituals during the time of the equinoxes to simulate the workings of the universe...

"At first I could not understand how the spirit of the Star God lives in every thing," Mutwa continued. "I was very stupid in those days. When I first asked my grandfather how it was that everyone and everything has God within them...He took me outside...and showed me his favorite Tree, a tall, fruit-bearing fig tree which he had planted when he was a young man. He demanded what I thought this Tree was. I told him, 'A tree, Grandfather.'...He told me that in the days when he himself was a child in old Africa, and in the centuries before--in the time of our Zulu ancestors--trees were not called 'trees' but 'growing people.'" Children of the Sun God, by Linda Tucker, pp.49-53.

Despite the great transgressions committed against one people by another (even by Black Pharaohs against the White strangers in their land--if certain Afro-centric theories are true), the true spiritual adepts of those ancient times had no such difficulties with each other. They were each walking in the Spirit of God--the very One who dwells equally and majestically in every people on earth. These reasonings from the North (or more anciently, from the West), must have been understood by the religious minds in Africa, and accepted readily for both their great simplicity, and their great synchronicity; and because in every archetypal way these principles were already the reasoning of the shamans and priests of the African peoples to begin with. Only now they would assume a Universal Structure--one to which all of the adepts in the hidden science, in every land, were privy, creating in essence a Greater Lodge--or a true Universal Fellowship of the Mystery. This Fellowship still exists in the earth, and is recognized by its common assent: of the things of God and of each other. (We want to apologize, however, to those who insist that these mysteries originated there in Africa. It simply is not so. [Please review chapter 2]. If the "Ethiopia" spoken of in the second chapter of Genesis was originally situated in Africa, then those who presently hold this theory would be there--that is, they would not be studying and contending about these things here in America, but there in Africa where the Great Circle must of necessity complete itself before anyone can have access once again to the mysteries of the Tree of Life. And then the spirit of Antichrist would also have to be revealed in that land, as it is written: Behold...He is a tall Cedar in the Garden of God...Ezekiel 31)...

The name "Ethiopia" was carried to the headwaters of the Nile by those who arrived there from the West, or with the mysteries of the West. The land of the Nile, crafted by the hands of God Herself, provided the adepts of this science with three geo-metaphysical ingredients: the waters of the Nile moved northward, in a direction pointing back to its own spiritual source in the garden of Eden; the Sun stood directly over this land on the day of the Summer Solstice (the correct place to build such Solar structures as the pyramids, whose dimensions were dedicated to the spiritual dimensions of the greater Solar Mystery, whose spiritual Solstice would carry the spiritual mind along its own hidden path to the center of the Oracles in the North); and the upper and lower regions of this land provided the ideal means of portraying the fact that the Greater Egypt Above also had an Upper kingdom there in the East, and a Lower kingdom here in the West. The greatest King of all was the one who could unite the Two, at the Center. To accomplish this, however, such a king would have to be able to fly high above Egypt, and with the eyes of a Hawk, as it were, survey all the kingdoms of the earth in a single glance. Thus the well known connection between Horus (the Hawkeyed) and Christ...

And as everyone can attest, the land of Palestine--a literal 3-day journey into the wilderness (see Exodus 5:3)--was not a land flowing with milk and honey, but bare and barren as the human soul is in its natural state. Thus it provided the ideal place to build the initial, or lower precincts of that City whose streets and by-ways would eventually lead its citizens, not only to a higher, fruitful state of mind, but through all of its dead ends and contradictions, to the reality of that City Above. And finally--after the greater Three-day journey--it would lead the mind of the people to the Western ends of the earth and to the extreme precincts of the Great City before returning them to the Center again in the Mystery of Christ:


Joseph A Seiss, in his The Great Pyramid, a Miracle in Stone, says of one John Taylor:

"Canvassing the whole problem in light of history, religion, and science, he came to some very surprising conclusions involving an altogether new departure in Pyramid investigations, and enunciating a number of facts with regard to the mathematical features of the Great Pyramid, which once were ridiculed, but are now generally admitted as true. In 1859 he published a volume, in which he proposed to recover 'a lost leaf in the world's history,' and gave his processes and the results. Without having seen the Great Pyramid, but on the basis of facts recorded by others, he gave it as his theory and conviction that the real architects of this ediface were not Egyptians, but those of quite another faith and branch of the human family, who, by an impulse and commission from heaven, and by the special aid of the Most High, induced and superintended the erection of the mighty structure, as a memorial for times long after, to serve as a witness of inspiration, and of the truth, and purposes of God, over against the falsities and corruptions of a degenerate and ever degenerating world. In other words he claimed to find, in the shape, arrangements, measures, and various indications of the Great Pyramid, an intellectuality and numerical knowledge of grand cosmological phenomena of earth and heaven, which neither Egypt nor any of the nations possessed, or could even understand, from a thousand years ago, back to the origins of the nations. (p.33)...

Herodotus says that this and other pyramids were built by forced labor. (Perhaps he was alluding to the story of the Exodus). So we wonder if those who superintended the building of them were the original adepts in these sciences, or a later amalgam of architects, masons, and other well-educated and influential members of the National Lodge, who only possessed some residual knowledge of these things, as do the members of the modern Masonic Temple in our time. We wonder if it was just their minds that were connected to the "esoteric" work at hand (for higher reasons that they no longer fully understood), while their hearts were connected to that of Pharaoh's, and all the grandiose ideas and the political intrigues of their times. Nevertheless...

From this also (the Pyramid) would seem to have its name. Though different authors have sought to derive this word from the Greek, Arabic, and other sources, the evidence is rather that it came directly from the builders of the ediface, and was meant to describe it in the common language then used in the country. The nearest to that language is Coptic. And in Coptic 'pyr' means 'division,' the same as 'peres' in Daniel's interpretation of the handwriting on the wall; and 'met' means 'Ten.' Chevalier Bunsen without thought of combining them for the dirivation of the word Pyramid, gives these words separately...And putting them together--Pyr-Met--we have the name given to this structure. And that name in the language of the ancient Egyptians means The Division of Ten. (Thus the Division of the Great Mandala of the Tree of Life--East and West). (p.46)

Accordingly a system of FIVENESS runs through the Great Pyramid. The intense Fiveness could not have been accidental, and likewise corresponds with the Nature of God, both in nature and revelation. Note the Fiveness of termination to each limb on the Human Body, the Five senses, and the Five books of Moses...And at High Noon the Sun shines on all Five of its corners. (pp. 47-49).

There is still a more distinct reference to the Great Pyramid in the Book of Job, 'Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up thy loins like a man, for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I layed the Foundations of the earth? Declare if thou knowest? Or who hath laid the measures, or who hath stretched a line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations fastened...or who hath layed the cornerstone thereof, when the Morning Stars sang together?'" (Job 38:1-7). (pp.114,15).


"If this Pyramid is what it would seem to be, it would be natural to infer that it ought to have some connections with or reference to Jerusalem. All the institutions and revelations of God had their chief center there for more than a thousand years. God made it His own sacred metropolis, the only one He ever had localized on earth. There His only Temple stood. There His holy laws were deposited. Thither His people were required to come for the celebration of their most distinguished services. There was the royal seat of His chosen kings. There was the sacred capitol of His consecrated priests, of His inspired prophets, of His holy scribes. There the glorious Messiah presented himself to the elect nation. There he died for the sins of the world...And if the Great Pyramid belongs at all to the great system of God's redemptive interpositions, it could hardly be wanting in some reference to that 'City of the Lord, the Zion of the Holy One of Israel.' (pp.166,67).

The Constellation Draco, the Dragon, Situated at the Center of the Heavens.

While Seiss was establishing some geometric connections between the Great Pyramid and that city of Jerusalem in the East (that city which Moses built of stone below, as a replica of the greater mystery Above), he unknowingly adds:

From the earliest known times different portions of the heavens have been designated, and known by certain figures supposed to be outlined by the stars which they embrace. There are about eighty of these constellations. The stars of which they are composed the Bible declares to be for 'signs'`as well as for seasons, days, and years. The probability is that the earlier and more remarkable designations were made by God Himself even before the Flood. Josephus attributes the invention of the constellations to the family of Seth, the son of Adam...Origen affirms that it was asserted in the Book of Enoch that in the time of the patriarchs the constellations were already divided and named. Volney informs us that everywhere in antiquity there was a cherished tradition of an expected conquerer of the Serpent, and asserts that this tradition is reflected in the constellations as well as in all the heathen mythologies...It is impossible to doubt that astronomy was invented from the beginning of the world; history, profane as well as sacred, testifies to this truth...They suppose the originators to have lived in about the Fortieth degree of North latitude (or just above the site of the ancient garden)...

One of the oldest and most universal of these costellations is The Dragon, or Great Serpent. The chief star in that group (Draconis) is situated in the monster's tail. AND TO THAT STAR THE ENTRANCE PASSAGE OF THE GREAT PYRAMID WAS LEVELLED. Draconis, then, looked right down that inclined tube to the bottomless pit. Mankind marching down that passage would therefore be moving under the sign and the dominion of the Dragon, Hence the words of Ezekiel:

They are delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men, with them that go down to the pit...This is Pharaoh and all his multitude, saith the Lord God...(Ezekiel 31:14-18).

The tokens that are now judgments are laid to the line, and righteousness to the plummet, that every cover might be lifted, and every refuge of lies be swept away...At the same time Draconis will again be on the meridian beneath the pole, but then just Seven times lower than at the time of the pyramid's building. This final downwardness of Seven times is strikingly suggestive of the Dragon's complete dethronement. And what is still more remarkable, while Draconis is on the meridian at this low point, Aries, the Ram, appears on the meridian above, with the line passing exactly through his horns. A more vivid astronomical sign of the overthrow of Satan under the dominion of the Prince of the flock of God it is not possible to conceive. It is as if the very heavens were proclaiming that then the everliving Lamb takes to him his Great Power, and enters upon his glorious reign." (pp.140-153).


And the Lord spake unto Moses Face to Face, as a man speaketh unto his friend...But his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.

And (the Lord) said, My Presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest, (see Hebrews 4).

And Moses said, If Thy Presence go not with me, carry me not up hence.

For wherein shall it be known here that I and Thy people have found grace in Thy sight? Is it not in that Thou goest with us? So shall we be separated, I and Thy people that are upon the face of the earth...

And Moses said, I beseech Thee, shew me Thy Glory, (see 1 Corinthians 2:6-8; 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9).

And He said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, And I will proclaim the Name of the Lord before thee, and will be gracious unto whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy, (see Romans 9:15-19).

And He said, Thou canst not see my Face, for there shall no man see my Face and live, (see Isaiah 6:5).

And the Lord said, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a Rock.

And it shall come to pass, while my Glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a cleft of a Rock, and I will cover thee with my Hand as I pass by.

And I will take away mine Hand, and thou shalt see my Back Parts, but My Face shall not be seen...(Exodus 33:11-23).

But of the fulness of our times it is written:

For now we see through a glass darkly, but then Face to Face; Now I know in part, but then I shall know even as I am known...(1 Corinthians 13:11,12).


And they said to the Mountains and the Rocks (to the nations round about them), fall on us (protect us), and hide us from the Face of Him (the Face of All Reality) that sitteth on the Throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb...(Revelation 16:6).

And they shall see His Face, and His Name shall be in their foreheads (in their minds)...(Revelation 22:4).