Turquoise Mountain (Mount Taylor, Grants, NM)

> > The Reunion of Mother Earth with Her Children at Turquoise Mountain on May 8, 2004

> > The Indigenous Elders are asking us to stop and think with them, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, to reconnect to ouMother Earth as her children. These unified ceremonies are to awaken everyone, to be done by everyone at the beginning of every season in their own traditional protocol.This is only the beginning of the reorientation and reconnection for Mother Earth and her children. What follows is the traditional protocol for the ceremony on Turquoise Mountain (Mt. Taylor) on May 8th, 2004 as set by Grandfather and Grandmother Martinez, and Leon Secatero, Spiritual Messenger. Grandfather Martin Martinez's vision came to him in the spring of 2002 when he and other medicine people visited the sacred spring on Turquoise Mountain to offer gifts to the mountain and its holy ones as they have always done.

The warriors on horses of long ago appeared. They were carrying a staff with eagle feathers from many nations. The Thunder called to them, "Why aren't you doing the ceremony?" Next, they saw rainbow houses and many people camping in the clearing with their drums in a circle to reset the sky roads of the holy ones. The time had come.

When Grandfather came down from the mountain he called all his children (The Five Finger Ones) to tell them that a spiritual gathering is to happen at the sacred site on Turquoise Mountain. In the vision, the ancestors came to tell him that it is time to journey to this mountain for the sacred purpose of reconnecting Mother Earth with her children. Since then, many traditional planning meetings have taken place.

However, there was a question in regards to the participation of many nations and how they are to connect. This connection came together when an Eastern Shoshone Spiritual leader came with a message: Mother Earth is calling all cultures to come together in Sacred Ceremonies now to restore balance and harmony. To help alleviate worldwide concerns about past, present, and future earthquakes and volcanic activities within Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the elders have envisioned a unified ceremony to include the western territory of North America. All people from all nations are welcome to participate.


When our Star appears in the East (about 4:00 AM), the mounds for 12 staffs will be marked and put in a circle with an opening to the East. All nations represented with a staff will circle around the center fire for the entrance of the sacred pipes, to be placed in the Four Directions with prayer and song. After the sacred pipes are in place, cleansing with sage and prayer will begin for the staffs. Once the staffs are placed in the mounds, the cleansing for the people and their medicine bundles will begin.

Morning Songs will be sung until dawn. Everyone will come together with their prayer offerings as traditional flute music is played to welcome the Sun as it appears through the aspen forest.

Midmorning (10:00 AM) the participating groups will bring their prayer sticks, with their own designs and colors, to the center west of the central fire. The prayer sticks will be placed in a line representing the participating groups. When the time comes, the south prayer stick will begin their song. When they complete their song, the next prayer stick will start and so forth, until the last one in the north is completed. With with the singing and prayer, two bows -- one a 740-year-old bow representing the ancestors, and a new one representing the Five Finger Ones -- will be used to connect the vibration south to north, and east to west.

Placing of Crystals (11:30 AM) with the prayer sticks will be done before noon. Everyone is invited to place their crystal around the mound of the prayer sticks as the Honoring Song is sung. When the time is right, the Connecting Song will be sung, starting very softly and increasing as more lift the song. All drums, flutes, eagle-bone whistles, and voices will begin with the rhythm of the Medicine Rattle to open up the vibration.

The Sky Path of the Holy Ones is connected at Noon, when the energy is most direct and powerful. The group with the South prayer stick will lead off with their song. They may ask others to join them. After the last prayer stick at the north has sung their song, the singing is open and all the people will join in the healing dance. This is for Mother Earth to acknowledge you, and for you to acknowledge Mother Earth in renewing your sacred relationship with her. The dance will end in the afternoon to prepare for the next ceremony.

Honoring Mother Earth (2:00 PM), after the sacred water is brought in, a tobacco/pipe ceremony will begin. Mother Earth Song will be sung and offerings will be prepared for the water to be placed near the sacred spring, so her seeds will carry the sacred message to the universe when the plants arrive.

Honoring the Sacred Path for the Five Finger Ones will be done with a Mountain Song, ending with the Blessing Way. The prayer sticks will be taken to the mountain spirits for their guidance and wisdom, as our journey begins here. Our first responsibility is to clean up the area before leaving for home to share our experiences with our loved ones.

Grandfather and Grandmother Martinez have given their permission for a certain portion of this event to be videotaped, recorded and distributed for the Martinez family and the building of the Red Mountain Healing Center.

Leon Secatero, Spiritual Messenger, 3/27/2004



From: Rebecca Michaels <>
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 09:46:32 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: The Great Medicine Wheel of May 8 and The KoKoPeli Grid System

It is my honor and great joy to share the Information for the Great Event/Ceremony on May 8 2004 called,"The Great Medicine Wheel---The ReUnion of the Universe and Earth's Children", and an Informational re: The Three Primary Grid Systems of Earth. Both of these Informations are potent for me as they are aspects of what I am calling my Mandala of Task. Each of the 'colors' or parts of the patterns represent deeply intense Tasks or Purposes for me/my Essence/SoulFamilies. We each have them & they vastly vary in composition. It is part of the large termed "blueprint" or of what I Know as the sacred geometric patterns composed of color, sound and symbols which hold all Information about a person, their vast other life experiences (some call these the 'past lives'), the multidimensional life experience aspects, the Soul, the OverSouls,the Essence & EssenceFamilies and the Seed Races or lineages of an individual. I have included parts of the written text by Tron and also by the Visioner/creating force of the Ceremony,

Bennie LeBeau and the site addresses so you can further read about this potent Event if it Calls to & resonates with you.
Please pass this to your connections on your lists!!!

Also, if this greatly resonates with you, I invite you to contact me. I am setting a website & there will be an area for those working on the Grid Systems to connect with each other. The intent is for connections to one another, our TaskGroups and to SoulFamilies. Dream Awake, Love Awake~~~Rebeka Michaels;

'It is now time for all of humankind to unite into One Nation, in One Spirit and in One Song...' - Leon Secatero, Canoncito Navajo Spiritual Elder. (from Tron: <> )

REUNION OF MOTHER EARTH WITH HER CHILDREN Blessing Ceremony For Mother Earth's Mountains & Water

This Great Medicine Wheel spans over 600 miles, from Mt. Taylor (Turquoise Mountain), New Mexico, in the south, to Lake Sullivan, British Columbia, Canada, in the north - from Mt. Shasta, California, in the west, and to Missouri River, South Dakota, in the east. The nineteen points, all moutains, lakes and rivers, that form the circle of this Medicine Wheel are as follows: Sullivan Lake, Saskatchewan River, Qu'appelle River, Souris River, James River, Missouri River, Platte River, Arkansas River, Cimarron River, Colorado River or (Lake Mead), Lake Tahoe, Okanagan Lake, Mt. Taylor, Mt. Humphrey in the San Francisco Peaks, Mt. Whitney, Mt. Shasta, Three Sisters, Mt. Rainier and Lake Louise, while the center point is the Grand Teton Peaks: Four Grandmothers Standing Tall........

Note that this event is happening exactly 6 months following the Harmonic Concordance. - As I write this (April 19th), a very potent New Moon Solar eclipse is active (just as it was on the Harmonic Concordance date), and it is being followed by the just as powerful Wesak Lunar Eclipse on May 4th, a few days preceding the Ceremony.

I am very happy to have been given permission to post on this site an article by Bennie LeBeau about the Ceremony, which he calls The Magnificent Nineteen + 1 = 20. His powerful message speaks for itself. - You will also find here a Tentative Traditional Protocol for the Ceremony. I will be posting updates as they arrive from Bennie - and Suzanne, who is currently helping him answer the many e-mails he is receiving these days...

Let me end this as I started out, by quoting Grand Elder Leon Secatero: 'It is very commendable that our elders and indigenous people have come forth at this critical period to share and teach out traditional ways of friendship, trust, cooperation, and above all, to rebuild a peaceful future of coexistence with our Mother Earth and all beings. This journey is not only for the red people, or for the yellow, black, or white. The journey is for all the Five-Finger Ones, you and me. So please walk with us, not in front of us, not in the back of us, but walk beside us, bringing the new dawn of peace and happiness for our children of the Seven Generations, and for all the living things of the future.' With Love and Blessings on your Path,



Bennie E LeBeau, Sr., Elder spiritual leader and advisor, is an enrolled tribal member of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft Washakie, WY. He has many years of experience in indigenous tradition and culture with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe. ~ ~ ~ Bennie LeBeau is a member of the Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, an organization of indigenous prophecy carriers of North America []. In this capacity, he helps educate his Eastern Shoshone people and other cultures to the significance of sacred sites and the indigenous prophecies. His present emphasis is: To inform all cultures of the importance of protecting and preserving all indigenous sacred sites within this country and across the world, including indigenous prophecies.

The Magnificent Nineteen +1 = 20 The Grand Tetons Blessing Ceremony For Mother Earth's Mountains & Water

A vision of several magnificent and wondrous mountains found in America's North Western peaks has come to ask the Indigenous Nations and humanity to come to the aid of mother earth and her inhabitants. She has asked the Indigenous Nations to assist in the re-connection of humanity's awareness not only to herself, but also to the universal presence of the stars. The dream spoke in a mysterious way, reminding us WE ARE the "keepers of the earth and its sacred wisdom." WE ARE to help all things and ourselves once again realize that "all things are related" upon earth and within the universe.

The Elementals of earth, wind, fire and water have asked us to prepare the mountain peaks and bodies of water for a powerful ceremony. The ancestral spirits have spoken giving direction to build and reset into harmony a huge medicine wheel. This wheel is to be activated in the spring or summer of 2004, (date will be announced). The boundaries of this medicine wheel will encompass nineteen well-known mountain peaks and bodies of water. It will cover an area whose radius is some 600 miles, with Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming as its center. ...........

The spiritual vision is calling the Indigenous Nations, along with other cultures, living within this 600-mile area to come forth. To come forth putting our relationship with nature back into harmony and order with sacred vibrations. To come forth with the use of sacred prayers, utilizing our drums, songs and sacred vibrational tools. By utilizing prayer, the sacred vibrations of our drums, by chanting our songs, these ancient sites will re-vitalize. The intent of the pre-ceremony is to place back into harmony and balance those lands, mountains and bodies of water that are now ''out-of-harmony.'' Due to the reckless development within these areas that has happened within the United States at large. The dream mentions that when the ceremony takes place negative thought forms, which lie within these areas, will be released allowing the bondages, which have been put upon the land.

Releasing this 600-mile area out of the bondage of negativity for our families, us and for mother earth. By re-attuning these sacred sites to work together with one another, as the ancestor's once did in the past before colonization took place. The ceremony then becomes an important tool to teach all individuals the importance of our mother earth and the blessings she has given all of us. The re-harmonization will help bring back the rains. Many of Mother Earth's womb springs will come to life once again, flowing outward. Water carries the messages of life, while sustaining life, our lifeblood that is blessed by our father sun and watched over by the universal presence. ................

Upon these sacred sites will be placed sacred stones with prayers upon them to hold the energy. Electrically-magnetically charged energy vibrating at a high velocity will heal Grandmother Spider's web. Reconstructing the Web of Life back into a blossoming flower once again. Heaven upon Earth will burst forth and everything will once again emerge into harmony. The rains will fall and the waters and springs will flow again. Plants will grow, animals will flourish and ''all things related'' will prosper. .............

In closing, I pray that the whole world will choose to be aware of this ceremony as it takes place in the spring of 2004. I pray each will choose to be in a sacred site meditating on the peace and harmony we all so desire for our future. The human race is depending on us for WE ARE the "keepers of the earth and its sacred wisdom. "We are the one's we have been waiting for," Hopi prophecy.

Bennie E. LeBeau, Sr., Eastern Shoshone Wind River Indian Reservation Ft. Washakie, Wyoming

Visit Bennie LeBeau's website Teton Rainbows: <>

Greetings my fellow brothers and sisters of the many Nations of Mother Earth: The Magnificent 19 + 1 = 20 ceremony will begin with the morning star. And beginning at sunrise on May 8th, 2004 to sunrise the following mornings sunrise on May 9th. The morning hours of the sun have a very important part to play in this ceremony. The mid point of the 12:00 P.M. noon hour is very important time when the sun is sending down powerful energy that will be set upon our Mother Earth's mountains, valleys, deserts, meadows, waterways and womb spring areas where the water breaks forth from her. The energy from the moon also will play a very important part in helping bring back the rainbows to Mother Earth in more abundance. Many of the Worlds Nations will be in prayer and in sacred thought form, in one heart, one mind and in one spirit for the balance of Mother Earth. In doing so we will bring the electrical ley lines back into activation that were deactivated during the development of Mother Earths surface in the last
many centuries. I really stress the importance of using our sacred drums, whistles and other vibrational tools. This sound will pull the energy lines back into a balanced manner. These lines are known as ley line, song lines, spirit lines they are all the same in one. Please keep in mind that this is a very special ceremony that is one of a kind and will help teach us how to keep Mother Earth in peace and harmony for the future. ........

Many blessings to us all at this time and may the creator give us all the faith, strength and the courage we will need for the future of our planet, children and all the things that we are related too here above and beyond. Many the many Nations of the World find the peace and harmony that we are all looking for.... many safe journeys to us all in arriving to the 20 sacred sites in the ceremony.... we will need at the courage, strength and wisdom the we have to bring about sacredness to our families that is needed at this time in the history of the world. Again many blessing to us all....

Bennie LeBeau, Eastern Shoshone, Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming 82502...April 21, 2004
Medicine Wheel Ambassadors web site at: <>


The following was Dreamed/Visioned by Rebeka Michaels on March 20 2004.

(The following is a mental blend of much that is esoterically insightful and true, mixed with much that one critic described as "upper deck chakra and extraterrestrial new age nonsense").

I attempted to send this Information out at that time and it was interrupted/postponed because of the Information that was provided regarding the Magdalen Grid System, and the Infusion of the Feminine Consciousness of April 9 to 11 2004. For anyone receiving this that is interested in that body of Infromation, please contact Rebeka at: I heard of this Ceremony only within the I just recently heard of the Ceremony within the last week and it has profound 'rocked my world', so to speak. I was reviewing whether I should return to this Information & send it when I received the confirmation from Tron of TerrAscension & now Know that this is part of my Task on Earth and I Know many others who are involved with the KoKoPeli Grid System AND who are profoundly connected to the Ceremony on May 8, and that this piece of information fits intricately into what has been Visioned and into the Ceremony on May 8 2004. Dream Awake, Love Awake~~~Rebeka Michaels;

Kokopeli was a High Alchemist, a High Alchemical magician , a Galactic Elder and an Ambassador. His Presence was most widely documented in Story during the Anasazi time on earth in the deserts of the southwest. He was Present between the collapsing & disappearance of the Third World and prior to the Fourth World. He was both part of the demise of the Third World and the Creation of the Fourth World. His Alchemy and Task was focused upon creating a matrix and grid system(s) which would remain in place, though not Activated until the Moment between phases in The Great Shift of Consciousness, whereby there were enough cohesive-resonantly Harmonic Energy Fields to support and continue The Great Shift and The Fifth World. These Energy Fields have to be in the vibration of at least the 5th dimension, which is the dimension of Wisdom in Understanding, of Compassion, of the integration of duality & polarity within each of the Holders of these Energy Fields (individuals) and most importantly of LOVE. These Holders are the humans upon Earth, the Animal Realms, the Plant Realms, the Crystal/Mineral Realms, and all sentient Beings in all Realms (such as devic, Earth Angels, Spirit Helpers, etc).

It is not just the human vibration that was to Transition into the Fifth World, nor has it been that every other Realm is advanced in vibration. All Realms, All Relations and All Relationships upon & in Earth are Attaining The Great Shift of Consciousness and many will Translate into the Fifth World and many will not. Kokopeli created Sound Filaments of Light particle structures and quantum energies to bring into manifestation the Matrix/Gird/Energy System(s) required to exist between Worlds (the Third to Fourth and the Fourth to the Fifth World). It has been eons of generations who have cared for, have done maintainence upon, have kept energized, and who have kept stable this System or Systems for this exact moment. There are almost uncountable descriptions of the types and forms of 'Grid Work' a person, a Soul, a Soul Group/Family and even a Soul Generation have performed, completed & The Work continues to this Day! Those who have in their Soul Contracts to work upon this/these System(s) are just Now becoming conscious of this Work, of this Duty and this Honor. This/these System(s) are defined as the 2nd of the 3 major Grid Systems Designed for earth & human evolution/ascension processes and is directly related in this message as the System Created by Kokopeli. It is not an Honor set 'above' others, it is an Honor in that it is specialized Work Accomplished by those who love doing this Type of Service, have done this Work for eons upon Earth and many other Stars/Planet Systems.

It is a cellular-lineage-bred type of Service. It is no different or more in Honor than any of the other Honor Services which abound. It is just a different Form of Service. It is the human capacity of emotion, polarity and duality that might separate this category of Service. It is a misconception in humans in which they believe if they are Called to the Grids to work, that 'they' are the one who 'Activates' a matrix, grid or system. It is that the cellular program has been encoded so to produce that feeling &/or response to ensure that work in the physical realm i completed. Each is important and no one person 'activates' a grid or system. All individuals work in phases, and in-sync with others to cleanse, energize and maintain the systems for which they are Coded for. It is also true and we upon Earth are beginning to experience this Now, that specific individuals have been very intricately & cellularly bred to come forward at this Time and during these Energies which are Presencing upon Earth Now to be energeticly overlayed and to merge their entire LightBody with their physical body (this is inclusive with the SoulEssence, Soul Family's Oversoul and the multidimensional OverSouls necessary for this Work at this Time) in Order to Activate 2 of the 3 primary Grid Systems for evolution, involution and the ascension processes. This is a rare and unique opportunity for the humanity and Realms of Earth. This is a sequence within the evolution/involution/ascension Process which has never been able to be accomplished on Earth. Each of the 3 Systems function in very specific Codes, Task & Purpose, and have been created, prepared and maintained to be used during the many diverse phases of The Shift of Consciousness over many millennia. There are Codes, Sacred Geometric Codes, and filament matrices which are capable of Holding the energies necessary to ensure the 'Potential' of success for the Shift from the 3rd to 4th World and the 4th to the 5th World...and there is no guarantee that the Transition into the 5th World will be absolute.

There has been the Potential, and this is why these very specific and unique individuals are brought forth at this Time. These individuals have the appearance of being quite normal in the physical world. It is the genetic Codes that each Contain that make this Time and these Activations so very special and so very urgent in the Task for success. The Codes in each of these individuals must be Activated within themselves, must resonate at a deliberate & cohesive Harmonic, they must 'come on line' (so to speak) with the Ones who Initiated these 2 Systems and then they must Harmonize many, many, many levels of energetic frequency to be able to Hold the proper vibration for Activation and also radiate these vibrations into and on the Grid Systems. There are 2 now on the Original Grid Systems/Lands, 3 on the' extension' of both Grid Systems and where they anchor into Lands of north America and 1 on the 'abutment' of the Kokopeli Bridge in Australia. There are numerous assistants which as stated prior, have been cellularly Code to assist and are Awakening to this Purpose at this Time. This Awakening for some will not be made conscious until after the Work and Activation has occurred. Many will wonder if they have the Codes. It is to be said that the Knowing of this genetic Calling is not of nor from human ego. Those who are to Accomplish this Task now, are of humble Heart and quiet intentions. They will feel the Fire of the Call and say little. They will be Called to the Original Lands of the UK, of Australia, & of the southwest in North America. These are the major abutment and anchor points for the 2 Systems. There are what are known as 'extensions' where the filaments were 'stretched' over other Lands to physically anchor the energetics of these evolution/involution/ascension Grids and Matrices. These are referred to as Minor Systems which are still very much Contained within the Major Systems. Kokopeli created a matrix/grid System(s) which is one of Three such elaborate Systems which were placed between The Worlds and is in Use for the Transition of The Great Shift (The Law of Three for this planet and this universe which is necessary for all alchemy & transformation).

The other two Systems are also about Sound, for Sound is the binding, as it were, for Light, Sound, Color and quantum energies to form an Order or Pattern that has a form. This Form, in the quantum realms, is energetic and absolutely no less profound than the physical reality of 3d matter. In Truth, it is more stable and more powerful because the energies cannot be destroyed like physicalness. The other two Systems are the Consciousness Matrix & Grid Systems created by the Grand Feminine The Magdalen and those who assisted Her over the years of this Great Service. This System was created to "Hold together the Worlds" during The Dark Years, during the Transition, during the Translation, during the Transformation of the Fourth World into the Fifth World. This System of the Great Feminine's has The Purpose to integrate polarity & duality within each person and their consciousness. This System Serves through and by Sacred Relationship. Sacred Relationship of the Self, and of others joining together in many forms. These forms are primarily of the self and of intimate relationships, because these are the foundations for any and all other conscious elevations or Illuminations which are of The Fifth World. They Contain the Knowing that evolution was the Attribute of the previous Four Worlds and Involution is Ascension or Illumination of the Fifth World. Involution is also the Way of Life in the fifth dimension and the Fifth World. The third Matrix/Grid Systems mentioned here is of the Harmonics of the Cetaceans. Please note that these Systems mentioned are NOT in the order in which they were Created. The Cetaceans' Origin is many, many universes and StarPortals from Earth. They have been in existence since the very Seedingof this World. Their consciousness has taken many forms & They have Translated all Four Worlds. They adopted/created the present cetacean body between the First and Second Worlds. They are interdimensional travelers.

This is important, not because it is a colorful piece of a story, it is potent because those who Serve and Work on the Three Matrix and Grid Systems of this planet we have just mentioned are also interdimensional travelers. This is nothing new to you, however----what is important in this is that the cetaceans which seem to die or disappear as the world counts these individuals each year, are NOT dead nor have they been destroyed/removed because of 'bad deeds' from humans. They interdimensionally travel and are continually monitoring ALL Harmonics on all grids, on all levels, for ALL Beings and Realms upon earth & IN Earth. They choose physical form for Contact, to assist in making Shifts for an area or for individuals, & this is in the perspective that humans now Hold or 'take on' more of the Harmonics which the cetaceans have Held for eons upon eons. It is the most ancient of Grid Systems upon and in earth. It is the most important, because they, for Four Worlds, have Held together a cohesive harmonic which allowed all sentient beings upon earth to evolve and continue in duality or physicalness. Now, as WE Enter the Fifth World, and humans are now fully capable to Hold the Harmonics for many of the Grids of earth, these Beings will loosen their focus upon Holding their physicalness & many will seem to 'disappear' from our physical presence. It is Time, within The Great Shift of Consciousness, that These Great Ones Return to Their Realms and They will be OUR Teachers and Leaders as We manifest our Fifth World and our New World. They will not leave the Earth totally, they will merge into the more rarified dimensions & will continue to visit, be seen, converse with and Offer Their Wisdom and guidance to those who are now the Leaders for the New World, the 5th World and the 5d/6d consciousness. It is these who are the ones to bring new technology into our Fifth World. It exists, of course, Now and it is the Service of some to stablize the physical realms when We Enter the Fifth World. Already, the Concepts, the Visions, the new Systems of Life are manifesting and it is these which will be taken into the next World. New modalities in medicine, in holistic being, in 'education' systems, in Living Exchange (to replace commerce, commercialism, money,etc) all are present Now & so there will be no loss, no trauma, no struggle, no survival necessary. The actual means of

Accomplishment and Plan of this is in place as well, and many have Theories about it. For now, this Transmission is focusing upon the Three Systems which Hold the World experienced in form and of some of the upcoming Information to be utilized prior to the actual Shift. *The First Matrix or Grid System(s) was Created by the Harmonics of the Cetaceans. **The Second Matrix or Grid System(s) was Created by a high alchemical master and galactic Elder and the most predominant name this being is known by through Story is Kokopeli. The Third Matrix or Grid System(s) was Created by the Illuminated Conscious Emotions of Love, Compassion, Joy by The Grand Feminine The Magdalen It is this 'Informational focus' for the Third System I Transmission because there is much Wisdom & Knowing of the Systems the Cetaceans created and are maintaining and this Information comes from many sources. There is Now Presencing on Earth, the Truth of the System which The Grand Feminine The Magdalen created which has enabled and supported all those who strive for involution, polarity & duality integration and Illumination into the Realms of Love, Compassion and Joy. It is through the survival of this System that Now has Activated and Enabled the Third System to be Accessed. There is much Truth Illuminating the stories, lies and misinformations of this Great Being. She is, as is the feminine aspect of this world, becoming Illuminated & Honored in Right Order with the masculine aspect and this is the foundational Step for all who desire to Enter the Fifth World. We are not stating homage to this Being, we state, to Open the Heart and Mind to the Attributes/Attainments of Love, Compassion and Joy that She can assist one in for their individual ascension process and involution. Her Service to our world and the ascension process for/of earth is for those residing upon earth as well as the entire local universe, because what is Attained here during The Great Shift will have effects throughout all existence. There is also a great amount of Information on many, many levels of Understanding about those who have been energizing, maintaining, hiding and have Held in Protection the System(s) The Magdalen created many thousands of your years ago. For those who are magnetized to the Matrix/Grid System(s) or Know they have been a part of the Creation, protection, energizing and Translation of this System for Elevated/Illuminated Consciousness, please refer to the Information The Magdalen is Presencing through Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion (channel's note: <> and The Magdalen Manuscript)